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New Exercise Technology uses Electric Muscle Stimulation “EMS”

PhysioFix Opens at Dellagio Town Center

Open House with Free Demos February 14th - 10am to 5pm

Orlando’s first PhysioFix opens on February 14th at Dellagio Town Center. PhysioFix offers EMS training which stands for “electric muscle stimulation.” EMS is a high intense full body work out that uses low frequency electric impulses to stimulate muscles. PhysioFix invites the public to check out the new exercise technology at an open house on February 14th from 10am to 5pm at the new EMS studio located at Dellagio Town Center - 8014 Via Dellagio Way, Suite 230 - Orlando FL 32819 (located above J. Christine Salon and IV Lounge - near Flemings Prime Steakhouse).

EMS has been widely used in physiotherapy for decades. Its rapidly expanding use as a whole-body training method provides a combination of a highly effective strength and cardio training. PhysioFix uses the most advanced EMS devices in the fitness industry. Approved by the FDA in 2019, EMS training has been popular across the globe in sixty countries among professional soccer players and tennis players who are averse to work out injuries. Owner, EMS certified personal trainer, and former ski instructor, Melinda McCann, says of her decision to open PhysioFix at Dellagio Town Center:

Today, people are looking for total health - not just being fit. They are looking for longevity, cellular health and quality of life. EMS provides a highly efficient way to maintain total health, and with reduced risk of injury.”

PhysioFix is a registered trademark of Melinda McCann. PhysioFix offers private EMS training and is located at 8014 Via Dellagio Way, Suite 230 - Orlando FL 32819. To schedule a tour or to book an appointment, call 407-701-6145.

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