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Dellagio is home to some of restaurant row's favorite and award-winning restaurants - offering a variety of unique event experiences, and our public Fountain Space has provided a lively backdrop for many exciting Orlando area nonprofit and community events - since opening in 2009.


Dellagio's Fountain Events provide a unique outdoor experience for groups up to 300. With over 30 brands making up the Dellagio experience, our strategy for events is to support our tenants with their existing events and to help them grow new event business.  We also open our space to a few Central Florida 501(c)(3) organizations via our Giving Back Program.


To Plan Your Event at one of Dellagio's restaurants please contact the restaurant directly.

To Plan Your Event outdoors at the iconic Dellagio Fountain: Email the Dellagio Events team to tell us a little about your event. We will work in partnership with your selected Dellagio catering partner as well as your other event vendors to ensure a flawless event experience.  


Reminder you must select a Dellagio Catering Partner in order to host an event in the Dellagio Fountain space. Choose from our award-winning list of some of Restaurant Row's favorite culinary brands.  

If you are a Central Florida nonprofit organization, don't forget to apply for free event space as part of the Dellagio Heart of Sand Lake - Giving Back program.

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