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CycleBar Dr Phillips Limited Founder's Rate!

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

CycleBar Dr. Phillips will be coming to Dellagio this Fall! Cyclebar is a luxury boutique fitness studio with the largest state-of-the-art CycleTheather, concierge level service, and premium amenities. Cyclebar offer 8 different styles of rides that provide an energetic, low impact, full-body interval training experience for all ages, and all fitness levels with added resistance bar for upper body toning. Expect to burn 500-1000 calories each ride! It's

a full body, energizing workout, taught by the best instructors in the industry!

Right now Cyclebar offers Founder's Rates. You can reserve your bike when they open doors at Dellagio. Get the lowest rates while they last + no enrollment fee!

Follow them on Instagram/facebook to get updates on the studio, or sign up on the website:


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