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Robert Slack, LLC Real Estate Team Closes in on $1 Billion in Total Transaction Volume.

Updated: Jan 13

Dellagio's anchoring position on Orlando's restaurant row (in the heart of Sand Lake) continues to attract high profile tenants - game-changers who are influencing their industries. At the top of the list of successful companies who call Dellagio home - is Robert Slack and his Real Estate team RobertSlack, LLC - who went from $0 to almost $1 billion in total sales volume in just 5 years. The following is an exert from Professional Performance Magazine Interview (December 2019) where Mr. Slack talks about loyalty, mentoring and what's next on the horizon.

Q: From your unique vantage point and unique experiences, what are the most effective ways you have found to create loyalty between you and others, that can be applied in business today?

It starts with the people that come to you in the beginning. They must be prepared to work and do the business the way we do business. Then, we treat people with respect and fairly. This grows loyalty in both directions. People that work our process are successful, and this reinforces loyalty on both sides. Now, agents that don’t follow our system, have no work ethic and don’t put in the effort, think this is just easy. Well, they quickly don’t work out.

Q: You are a proven achiever, with wins and losses, and you never seem to give up, some would call you a “Thought-Leader” as you push others to think. What are some of the top points you would advise a leader to know or do, to reap the best performance out of their team?

I talk to a lot of people in real estate groups, outside of the real estate and on stage. I get calls from people across the U.S. wanting to talk about how to do what we are doing: I always talk with them and share with them. I have ideas, and I get ideas from others. I believe the more we share, we all can be successful and serve the clients. We share our successes and failures… bare your soul, be honest, humble and you will always rise-up and succeed. Listen for the deep questions people ask – that is where you learn as well – adapt to your business.

Q: If you had 2 minutes to mentor a high potential individual, what would you share with them from your professional vantage point of experience to be effective or successful?

If you have 10 negatives coming at you and one positive, focus on the positive. I can’t stand being around negative people – leave it at the door or leave them outside the door! You've got to be “ALL IN.” Don’t hold back to achieve greatness today. Be totally committed to what you do. I was 68 when I started this. I don’t buy green bananas; I am all in for now. Plow money and profit back into your business. Either pour it back into the business now and grow, or pay it in taxes and have nothing! Read Full Article

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