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NEW Ultra-Exclusive Private Members Club - Coming to Dellagio

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

London House at the Dellagio is a unique new concept and set to become the flagship ‘House’ of a new, ultra-exclusive private members club. The space formerly occupied by Urbain40 is being reimagined and is set to open in fall 2020. London House has 3 locations under renovation in Orlando, 2 at the Dellagio estate and 1 at penthouse level of the Chase Plaza on South Orange Avenue, downtown.

The visionary behind the London House concept, Adrian Everett says of his vision,“London House provides our private members with an experience only found at the world’s finest hotels. We provide exquisite European fine dining, entertainment and extravagant parties every Saturday night. Member privacy and confidentiality are our main priority, and as such we cannot release further details about the clubs at this time.”

In the News:

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