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Coronavirus and the Markets Q&A: 5 Industry-Leading Voices on the Magnitude of the Downturn

We are pleased to feature this guest blog post from one of our favorite Dellagio tenants, Carson Wealth. Founded in 1983, Carson Wealth has grown to become a Barron’s Hall of Fame firm, serving clients through holistic financial planning, disciplined investment strategies, and proactive, personal service. Carson Wealth is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, with the mission to be the most trusted for financial advice. For more information, visit

By Saumen Chattopadhyay, Chief Investment Officer, Carson Partners

Choppy markets, spinning headlines and dizzying statistics can disorient us as investors and tempt us to act rashly, especially as so much about the impact of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) remains unknown. But panic isn’t a strategy – wisdom, waiting and weighing the evidence are our smarter options. We put together a roundtable discussion of experienced investment professionals across financial disciplines to give us some insight on the current markets. This group represents decades of experience in the fields of investment management and financial research and strategy. Their keen insight into markets at home and abroad can help you find your bearings.

Dellagio Town Center is home to a growing number of dynamic and innovative professional service firms including Regions Bank, Fifth Third Bank, d32 Invest, Bright Rain, Hansar Capital and Robert Slack. We're excited to announce the newest financial services brand, that will be calling Dellagio home - Carson Wealth.

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